Do I Have What It Takes?

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do-you-haveMost likely. There are no special skills involved and very little money.

You will need a computer and you might find a laptop helpful, it depends on your working environment. I talk about that more below.

If you are going to be successful though some things are important:

1. Time Management

This is probably the key thing. Unless you’re lucky enough to have lots of free time you’ll be trying to do this while holding down a job and quite possibly a family too. This means you won’t have much time and what you have is precious so you need to make the most of it.

The good news is you’re off to a great start because you’ve found this site and one of my goals is to save readers time by guiding you through the process and providing you with as much information as I can.

But this site alone won’t be enough. You need to be disciplined in two ways:

  1. you need to spend regular amounts of time working on your website. Four or five 2 hour slots a week minimum really.
  2. most importantly you need to spend each of those 2 hour slots being productive. No reading emails or casual web browsing and definitely no games. Just 2 hours good concentrated work.

2. Don’t Get Distracted

This is critical. There is no way you can do concentrated work if you get distracted. You need an environment away from people, away from your phone, away from the telly.

Your PC is probably a distraction too. Most likely you’ll have emails, games and the internet just sitting there waiting for you to play. Don’t. That way lies failure, I guarantee it.

Unless you are really disciplined then you might want to consider either of the following to help:

  • set up a new user account for your work. Call it projects or something and clear it’s desktop of everything except what you need.
  • better still, if you can, is have a computer just for this work. Even better make it a laptop so you can take it to quiet environments (see below)

I found having a dedicated laptop for doing this work amazingly useful and instantly increased my productivity.

3. Create a Good Working Environment

A comfortable chair, a clear desk and quiet surroundings. Remember you only have a precious few hours a week so you need to make the most of them.

I found that even with a quiet house I still didn’t work well at home. I was surrounded by things that needed doing: admin or chores or jobs around the place. Just knowing they were there made it difficult to concentrate.

That’s when I became a regular visitor to my local library and I always got a tremendous amount done when I was there. [better]

4. Be Extremely Wary of Forums

Another important point. Don’t get trapped in reading forums all the time or searching on google.

It’s so easy to do but you can loose hours and hours this way. And worse all that information and those conflicting opinions will leave you with an inability to make any decisions. You are likely to descend into a spiral of inaction and emerge a few sessions later having got nowhere and disillusioned with the whole thing. Trust me I’ve been there, and so have many others.

Remember also, most of what’s out there is rubbish. Non-subjective personal opinions mostly written with an ulterior motive.

Do you think you can follow those four guidelines? And you have access to a computer? So are you ready to get going? Let’s crack on then …

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