How to make money online, for real

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free raportMaking money from the web is a simple concept: create a website that attracts a lot of visitors (traffic) and then monetize the site using one or more of several established strategies (advertising, affiliation, referrals).

Monetizing the site is straightforward, the tricky part, the part that takes the time and effort is creating a website that pulls in the visitors. But it can be done, by just about anybody with an interest, a modecum of writing skills and a computer.

This website will tell you how. There is a wealth of information here that has taken many hours to research and test. I was fortunate enough to have had the time to do this but most people haven’t and without help are unlikely to find the right path to success.

The principles for making money online might be simple but the technicalities and details are not quite as easy. As ever there is a lot more to these things than meets the eye. No real opportunity is ever free or easy.

What does it cost?

The good news is it costs very little money, either to try or later as you become successful. In fact it can be done at no cost at all but as you’ll find out that way you’re penalising yourself already.

What it does take is time. Time to create a website and time for it to grow and become popular. What you’ll learn here will try and reduce the time it will take you to build the right website and make the growth as fast as possible but it will not happen overnight. This is not get rich quick, but it can be get rich.

What do I need to do?

We’ll get to that. Building websites that make money is not trivial and there is lots to learn and lots to do. First of all lets think about what it will take …

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