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google adsenseGoogle Adsense – so, you are looking to monetize your blog with Google Adsense? Do you want to earn some money while blogging? If so, this guide will help you!

Working from home has become very common this days and like us, hundreds of million want the same. The fun fact is that some of us, we make money for a living or for fun. So, if you already have googled how to make money online, for sure you already read about Google AdSense. If not…

In this guide you will learn the basic step to start making money with Google AdSense. In the end os this guide, you will have the required information, along with the stuff you need to start making money as soon as possible. So, let’s skip the basic start and learn how millions os people earn their money trough Google AdSense by working online.

What is Google AdSense and how you make money from it?

Google AdSense is a free service that Google offers to their publishers to monetize their webpages content. A publisher is anyone with a blog, a website, a YouTube channel or other allowed system. Google AdSense was always the most popular and easy way to earn money with your content.

The reason of his popularity is because of the easy way you have to do to start making money, all you need is to chill and see the money entering in your account. More, they pay in time and as you can imagine, is not for sure a scam.

The needed steps to get started with Google AdSense is having a blog or a YouTube channel to get your account approved. Once you have your account approved, all you need is to create some ads and place the code they give you, in your plugins blog (learn how to install WordPress), and the ads will automatically be displayed. Now, you are able to earn money every time a reader of your blog click those ads.

Here is a warning:

If you think this is easy you can ask your friends and family to click on those ads, don’t do it. Google AdSense have some techniques to detect if you are using illegal ways to get clicks, if that happen they will disable your Google AdSense account. And if your account is disabled, you will not make money from the ads, and is very hard to get it back enabled.

How much money you can make from Google AdSense?

This is the first question people ask when we talk about Google AdSense, keep reading this guide to see how much you can earn. There are people making lots of money everyday with Google AdSense. I can speak about my blogs and i can say that you will earn a lot of money with Google Adsense.

Creating your web content to apply to Google AdSense:

To get in a Google AdSense account, you need to have a place to put your property content. A blog, a website or any other system allowed by Google. But first we need to setup the place where we gonna store our web-property, so we can apply to a Google AdSense account.

Create a blog in BlogSpot:

BlogSpot is a blogging platform offered by Google and a easy way to create a blog in a manner of minutes. This is the easy way to get starting making money online for the first time. Just a few important things to keep:

Domain name: BlogSpot will let you chose a domain name such as It is recommendable to chose a name easy to pronounce, type and remember.

Niche: blog about a certain topic. Such as technology, fashion, food or any other topic you like. Be ready to write posts with more than 400 words and some images. Writing in BlogSpot is very easy.

Design: When you start with BlogSpot you can chose from hundreds of themes they offer. But you can chose a free 3rd party template to make you blog more professional.

Pages: when you write a post is for articles, and pages are for important information like the about page, the contact me page or any other important stuff you want to publish. Make sure to setup a Contact Me and a About page asap. The About page will have a huge impact on the blog visibility for the search engines.

Create a WordPress Blog (the recommendable way)

This is what i recommend for the people that already have some experience working online or already know how the things work. Most of the web blogs in the world are powered by WordPress, like 22%, that why is the most best platform for blogging

It looks very challenging having your own domain name and hosting, but with WordPress is easy to anyone to get started with their blog. Learn here how to get started with WordPress.

Create a YouTube channel and upload your videos:

This is other method to get your Google AdSense account approved. Not everyone is good at writing and there are lot of people that like to create and edit they own videos, you can use this method, if you are one of those, to get your Google AdSense account approved.

Web property created – What to do Next?

Once you have your own content in the web, it’s time to apply to a Google AdSense account. The hard part of this is to get your account approved and this can be done if you are ready to work a little on your web content. You need to remember, this is not to get rich and get some time, patience and dedication. The good part is that you gonna be paid for that dedication over the time.

Apply for Google AdSense

Next you need to fill the application and wait for the approval, usually takes between 5 to 10 days. If your account gets rejected, just chill and try to fix what is wrong with your blog. Google just approve your account if you have your things done right. Mine was approved at the second try, so don’t quit if they not approve at first.

Google AdSense account approved – what now?

The next you have to do is to increase the traffic to you pages and more traffic means more money. When you start see the first money cashing in, the felling is priceless. So now you only need to create content to attract more and more visitors, so you increase your revenue.

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