The Internet Opportunity

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opportunityThe internet has provided something that never existed before. A means for anybody to write whatever they like and publish it so that just about everybody on the whole planet has access to it. And this can be done at zero cost, i.e. for FREE.

And people do. Here are a few fairly staggering statistics:

  • there are 255 million websites on the internet. Over 50,000 new ones are added every day
  • there are 160 million blogs on the internet and over 1 million posts are made each day
  • there are over 600 million people registered on Facebook and over 30 billion pieces of content (links, notes, photos, etc.) are shared per month

That’s a lot of writing.

The good pages. The informative, the helpful, the useful, become popular. They attracted many readers and gained good position on the search engines. Once that happened marketing companies got interested and developed ways for that popularity to be leveraged, to make money. Lots and lots of money.

Popular websites make money
So the internet gives you (everybody) the chance to create something popular. And once you have something popular the marketing driven economy of the modern world has made it so you can earn money. Those that apply themselves, learn what they need to know and work at it can earn lots of money.

This is the Internet Opportunity and it’s there for everybody to take. Now we know what the opportunity is we need to know how to take adavantge of it…

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